About me


Cut Dem is Dj and a producer from
Sarajevo (ex Yu) who lives in Prague (CZ)
since the 90s.
By actively DJing from 95 and later as a
producer Cut Dem became the synonym of
hip hop and funk progress scene in Czech
More popular production includes hits
“Kazdy do ma pozna”/ “Posledny doberman”
for Čistychov & Mišo Biely/SK (2008).
Before return to Prague (2015) Cut Dem
was a household name of the night club
scene in the Mediterranean.
His iconic funk mixtape “Cut tru Mass”
(2001) became an inspiration for many up
and coming b-boys and djs.
Next mix tape “Cut the boom bap” (2004),
Cut Dem brought together major rapers of
eastern European scene.
Currently focus is on the audio-visual series
of EPs and music videos “Aint got the funk”
Cut Dems latest project is a feature
with PSH “Bony a klid”.