Cut Dem – Ain´t got the funk EP

Cut Dem – Ain´t got the funk EP
  • Genre:Funk
  • Release date:09 Feb 2019

EP” Cut Dem Aint got the funk” is a fusion of funk with classical and modern music genres, build on a groovy baselines and uncompromising beats. Strong reference to Cut Dem’s bboy roots is felt thru the whole project. The Messenger and Aint got the funk song are my own pure solo productions.


Click below if you want to download:

  1. Messenger 
  2. Razia feat. Čis T, Frenkie, Orion, Dedduh, Berezin
  3. Shout feat. Zverina, Afu-ra, Pio squad
  4. Ain’t got the funk