Razia music video out now!

Razia music video out now!

March 31st, 2019

Razia! Fuck yea!


Dj and producer Cut Dem (thats me) is coming with a new release under “Aint got the funk” project.

Its a premiere of a new music video for “Razia” track, featuring pioneers (trail blaizers) of Slavic rap from 5 different countries.

It was shot during 6 weeks of last summer in Czechia, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monte Negro and it features

Orion (CZ), Cistychov (SK), Frenkie (BIH), Dedduh (MNE) and Berezin (RU).


Now what I really wanted to say that we had a blast creating this video. Lots of good energy was transferred into producing,

filming and editing. I am really proud of this production, and I hope you will enjoy it as well.


Produced by Cut Dem Directed by Branislav Kleberc Camera by Jiří Červenka and Branislav Kleberc Edit by Branislav Kleberc 2nd edit by Cut Dem Grading by Vincent Badia Graphics by Petr Lukšan Special thanx to Stone Postproduction, Lucie Lysáčková and Gordan Pejic